Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mossel Bay

Hello from Mossel Bay, South Africa! It's hard to believe that our first week of outreach is almost done already.
Overall the first week went really well. We left Jeffrey's Bay on Friday morning, and after a few car problems, arrived here around 3.
We already had to lead a youth service that night. Even though we didn't feel prepared at all to start ministry
after driving all day, the service went really well. We performed the skit that we used for a fundraiser a few
weeks ago and that was very powerful for the community there. At the end of the night around 20 or 30 people gave their
lives to Christ. It was so great just to be there to pray for people and to hug them and encourage them. This morning we led the assembly at a school
in the community which was also fun.

For most of our outreach our team is splitting up and living with host families. It has been so nice to have my own bed and a
good mattress! I think my back has new curves in it from the mattress I used for the first 3 months of the DTS so I am sleeping so
good here on a normal bed. The people of South Africa are so welcoming and open to let people stay in their houses. It is so great.
Everytime we go anywhere they want to make food for us and in this culture it is impolite to say no, even if you don't like the food or
are full, so I have been so full since we first got here on Friday. One thing that I did find out from living in this house is that I am
still allergic to cats! I am very thankful for allergy pills! I don't know how I would make it through the days without them.

That is about all that has happened so far! Thanks for checking! I will update again when I can!


  1. Hey sister! I'm glad your first week is going good and that you have a nice bed to sleep in! Did you have someone give you backrubs in Africa too? lol. I hope your allergy pills keep working and that the cat doesn't bother you too much! :) Lovee you! -kari

  2. p.s. i got your postcard this week! :)