Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1 week left!

Outreach is done and we are finally back in J-Bay!! I really thought we would never
make it back. In the past 3 months our cars have broken down 30 times not including all
the times they overheated. So as you can guess it was a long drive back. We were supposed to
leave on Thursday but our Kombi broke down and took a long time to be fixed. The mechanic said it would be ready on Friday but that didn't happen. Saturday morning we packed our bags and got ready to leave at 5 when the kombi was supposed to be fixed but things kept going wrong and he was working on it until 3am. We finally left at 3:30 but then we got to the gas station and it was closed so we sat in the parking lot there until 6:30. Around 10:00 we got a flat
tire. Around 12 the car overheated. At around 5 the kombi ran out of gas. And at about 5:20
the car ran out of gas. When we finally got gas in the car the battery died or something like
that and it still hasn't started. The first kombi of people were back at the base around 11pm and
the car was towed back at 2. Thankfully the drivers could stay awake after not sleeping for over
24 hours! So as you can see we are all very glad to be back at the base in J-Bay! Overall outreach was amazing! We saw God moving in every place we stayed. We learned so much about patience. Everybody is singing the song "give me patience in my heart" so many times everyday. We had to completely rely on God for the last few weeks when we started to run out of money. We continued to learn about what it means to be content even if we didn't have food for a meal or if we were sleeping on the floor with bugs all around us or if we couldn't take showers for 5 days. We learned so much during the past 3 months. Now that outreach is done I am realizing how soon I am going to be home. 1 week from today I will be getting off the plane! I don't know how I am going to say goodbye to the people here but a few hours later I will be seeing everyone at home again so it's going to be a very bittersweet 2 days. This week is a busy week with debriefing and planning for our graduation on Thursday. My plane leaves on Monday at 12:30pm and 30 hours later I arrive in Grand Rapids! Thanks for checking! See you next week!