Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last week in Jeffreys

Hello one last time before we leave for outreach!
This week has been a crazy week. We had to move out of the dorms on Thursday because the students from the september DTS are coming. We all moved to a house down the road and that has been a interesting experience so far. All of us girls are sharing one room and one bathroom so that is very crazy in the mornings. This weekend was our weekend off before outreach. It was a lot of fun and nice to relax. On Saturday we went to Port Elizabeth which is about a hour away and went to a huge mall there and walked around and then we went to the lion park which was awesome. I finally felt like I was in Africa for this first time when we saw all the animals.
We are leaving Friday morning for outreach. Our first destination is Mossel Bay which is about 6 hours away I think. We have a lot of packing and preparing to do before then so pray for strength for us. Also a lot of our team has not been feeling very well lately. I think we have some kind of stomach virus so you can pray for that too.
I'm not sure when I will have internet again but I will try to update soon! Thanks for checking!

oh yeah.. this wednesday is the fundraiser at applebees! just a reminder :)


  1. Great animal shots. It does look like Africa. I'm praying as you take the next step!

  2. Praying for you, Katie! We are planning on Applebees Wednesday night!! God Bless!

    (This is Joni's mom! :))