Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few Highlights.

Sorry it has taken me so long to update, the internet was down for a few days. The weather here has been crazy. Earlier this week was really warm and not it is cold again. The past few days we have had a lot of rain and storms. We didn't have to get up to run this morning because everything is so wet. Praise the Lord! A lot has happened since I last updated so I'll just tell you about a few of the things that really stuck out to me.

Last week our lectures were about dreams and visions. The speaker was awesome. We talked a lot about how God has a perfect plan for each person but sometimes we don't discover it because we think it is too good to be true. The best way to discover the dreams that God has for you is through prayer. We need to get into a lifestyle of waiting on the Lord. A lot of times that plans that God has for us are not anything that we every expected but we need to trust and follow God.

We also talked a lot about what it means to follow God. To follow God, you need to give up everything to him. You need to get rid of anything that gets in the way of following God with your whole heart. We had time to go to the cross and to give up anything that distracts us from growing closer to God.

All of the girls in our dorm decided that it would be good to pray together each night before we go to bed so we have really enjoyed that. We are growing so close already I can't imagine what we will be like in a few months.

The past few days have been so cold!! Most days, I wear 2 hoodies, a long sleeve shirt, jeans, a fleece coat, and gloves that I bought last week. I NEVER imagined Africa would be this cold even if it is their winter season. I'm still hoping the week we have in Jeffrey's Bay in December will be warm enough for the beach so I can have at least 1 week of summer this year!

We find out next week where we are going for outreach so that is exciting! Well the internet cafe that we are at is closing so I need to go. Have a good day!!!

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