Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We are Blessed

A few of the girls in the dorms have been spending a lot of time watching Nooma videos by Rob Bell. I watched this one called Rich tonight and I was reminded how blessed I am. It is so easy to complain about the things that we have when we compare them to what our friends of the people around us have. I want to encourage you to try to go a whole day without complaining but instead being thankful for the things that you do have. There are so many people struggling each day in Jeffrey's Bay because they haven't had food in days but I continue to take forgranted the food that we are given 3 times each day. Is there something that you can give up to help others? Are you spending money on unncessary things when you could instead be using it to help a child go to school or to feed a family? Remember.... You are so blessed!!

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  1. hmmm, thanks for this Katie. Also--so so so great talking with you yesterday. God is moving...he is drawing you closer and closer to himself and it is beautiful. I'm so thankful for you--and it moves my heart to hear from you! love you!