Monday, August 17, 2009

God wants to kill us!

Another week has flown by. We are beginning our 8th week here! Last week the topic for lectures was the crucified life and worldview. We talked again about dying to our old way of living and begin living a life that we give God complete control over. One of the leaders favorite things to say is God wants to kill you!! The speaker talked about our lives like a seed. Before the seed can grow the shell needs to be broken off and thrown away. Our faith works the same way. We need to throw away some of the things that are holding us back and grow closer to God. We also talked a lot of sin and forgiveness. A lot of times we think that we need to ask or beg God for forgiveness when we sin but really all we need to do is thank him for already forgiving us when he died on the cross. Besides the lectures, we had a few days of leadership training for the morning meeting time. We are going to be having these meetings twice a week so I'm pretty excited about that.

This weekend was a good time to relax. On Friday night a bunch of us from the base went to a cafe and got dessert and on Saturday we drove about a hour to Port Elizabeth and went to a big mall that is there. We just walked about and went to the movie My Sisters Keeper. It was a good relaxing day. Almost felt like I was in America! Sunday we went to a Kosa speaking church that lasted 3 hours. Thankfully some parts were in English! After church we did our laundry. We usually wash our clothes in the sink and hang on the clothes line to dry for the afternoon. For some reason our clothes didn't dry so we decided to make some clothes lines in our room. Right now we have 4 different lines hanging across the room from all sides trying to dry our clothes.

This week our lectures are about the Hold Spirit. They have been telling us that this week is going to by far be the most intense weeks. Instead of just 1 speaker, they flew in the main speaker and a team of 4 other people who are going to help him. We are having our normal lectures in the morning and then extra lectures aka holy spirit parties every night. Sooo this week is definitely going to be interesting. I really don't know what to expect but it I'm sure it will be good. Pray for us this week that we will be open to what God has for us and to not hold back.

We are still busy fund raising for outreach. We sold hot dogs again last weekend and made a little bit of money. We are planning a big concert for the end of this month where we are going to invite people from all the churches we have been performing at and also people from the community. We really are hoping a lot of people come because we have a lot of money to raise still!

Thanks again for checking!! Have a good week!!

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  1. Katie! So great to hear bits and pieces of your life...and the way God is teaching you more and more about himself and his love for you! I'm excited for Holy Spirit week!!!! :) of course, you already knew that. Blessings upon you, my friend.